Stable hold – Your denture solution is firmly anchored in your mouth and ensures a safe feeling when eating, laughing or talking, without annoying slipping.

Aesthetics – Implants and dentures completely replace the natural tooth and offer an aesthetic solution that is close to the original. Disturbing support elements or visible bridge links are a thing of the past.

Intact Adjacent Teeth – Implants do not require grinding of neighboring teeth, which keeps the surrounding tooth substance intact and does not cause damage.

Preservation of the jawbone – Similar to natural tooth roots, implants transfer the chewing forces to the jaw bone, which stabilizes it and prevents bone degradation.

High-quality implants: the king's road to a perfect bite. Tooth gaps are not only a cosmetic nuisance, they impair the function of the chewing apparatus and have an unfavorable effect on the jawbone. Today, implants are the optimal alternative to replace lost teeth and tooth roots. Almost all patients can benefit from the opportunities offered by implantology.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are inserted into the jaw. These implants are used to replace missing teeth. Healthy neighboring teeth can thus be protected from overcrowding for bridge care. Today, the implant technique is well-proven and in most cases clearly superior to the classic prosthetic form of care.

The range of applications for implants has now been greatly expanded. Removable dentures can often be avoided, and even completely toothless jaws can be treated in this way. The implantation is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

The prerequisites for a long-term success of the implantation are sufficient bone quality and quantity as well as perfect oral hygiene. Your natural teeth are rehabilitated before implantation, gum disease is treated and brought to the cure. This also means that in more complex cases a trusting, competent and long-term collaboration between patient and dentist is necessary to achieve lasting success.

Navigated implantation


Navigated implantation represents a milestone in dental implantology, combining the highest precision with patient-friendly treatment. By using state-of-the-art imaging and computer-aided planning, this method enables an exact positioning of the implant, based on detailed advance planning. This procedure minimizes the risk of complications, shortens the treatment time and significantly improves the chances of healing. With navigated implantation, we offer you a safe, fast and precise solution to close the gap in your smile and increase your quality of life.